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Kali Linux Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to Ethical Hacking and Security Industry Terminology :
Course Intro
OSI Model and CIA
Spoofing and Hijacking
Cross Site Scripting & Cross Site Request Forgery
SQL Injection
Wireless Network Security
Common Malware

Kali 101 :
About Kali and use cases
Installing and configuring Kali on a VMware Virtual Machine
Configuring the network adapter
Booting Kali for the first time
Basic commands with Kali and VMware
Basic Kali Configuration
Configuring your network
Requesting and Configuring IP Addresses
Managing services in Kali
Managing Apache in Kali
Managing SSH in Kali
Managing MySQL in Kali
Vulnerability Analysis Tools Overview
Tools Overview
Information Gathering Tools Overview
Web Applications Tools Overview
Burp Suite
Password Attacks Tools Overview
Cracking Wi-Fi Passwords on a WEP Network
Top 10 Security Tools Overview

Penetration Testing Methodologies :
Penetration Testing
Pen-Testing Techniques
Scope of Pen-Testing
Types of Pen-Testing and its Strategies Part 1
Types of Pen-Testing and its Strategies Part 2
Types of Pen-Testing and its Strategies Part 3
Types of Pen-Testing and its Strategies Part 4

BONUS: Labs on Source Code Fuzzing, Infecting MySQL logs and more! :
Injecting MySQL Logs
Threat Actor Attribution
Understanding Heap Overflow Protection
Source Code Fuzzing Lab: Crash Analysis using American Fuzzy Lop
Intercepting Process Injection on Suspended Threads
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