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Jenkins 2 Introduction for Beginners on Windows

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course Welcome and Introduction
Course Focus and Approach
What and Why of Jenkins
Jenkins Architecture

Quick Install :
Quick Install Overview
Jenkins Quick Install
Jenkins Services on Windows
Quick Install Notes

Jenkins Basics :
Jenkins Basics Overview
Jenkins Dashboard
Create First Job
Project Configuration
First Build
Project Homepage
Enable and Disable Projects
Build History
Build Page
Batch Project
Failing on Purpose
Dashboard Revisited
Deleting a Project
Cleaning Up / Fix Broken Project
Copy a Project

Manage Jenkins :
Manage Jenkins Overview
Manage Jenkins Page
Update Jenkins
Update Plugins
Plugin Research
Add New Plugin
Uninstall Plugins
Enable/Disable Plugins
Maven Integration Plugin
Configure Jenkins
Global Tools

Maven Projects :
Maven Projects Overview
Build Locally First
Maven Project
Maven Build and Workspace
Maven Modules and Build Pages
Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Code Update
Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Within Jenkins
Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Replicate Locally
Troubleshooting Maven Projects - Project Workspace
Troubleshooting Maven Projects -Resolve Failure

Scheduled Projects :
Scheduled Projects Overview
Building on a Schedule - Part 1 - Setup and Configuration
Building on a Schedule - Part 2 - Builds
Building on a Schedule - Part 3 - Revise Schedule

Source Code Polling :
Polling Overview
Polling 1 - Welcome / Config
Polling 2 - Initial Builds
Polling 3 - Code Updates
Polling 4 - Revise Schedule

Linked Projects :
Linked Projects Overview
Upstream Project Configuration
Upstream Project Build and Review
Downstream Project Configuration
Downstream Project Build and Review

Views :
Views Overview
Creating New Views
Regular Expression Views
Deleting a View
View Descriptions
Navigation with Views and Default View
View Build History

Conclusion :
Review and Final Words

Bonus: Full Installation Process :
Full Installation Overview
Chrome on Windows
Git for Windows: Installation
Git for Windows: Options
Git for Windows: Gitting Help
Git for Windows: Configuration
Notepad++: Installation
Notepad++: Configuration
Java 8 Installation
Java 8 Configuration
Maven 3 Installation
Jenkins 2 Installation
Jenkins 2 Getting Started