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Jazz Guitar Tips, Tricks and Licks

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Let's Get Started

Harmony and Chords :
The Most Important Chord in Jazz
The Essential Jazz Chord Voicing
The Most Popular Jazz Progressions
Jazz Chord Library (Part 1)
Jazz Chord Library (Part 2)
How to Read Lead Sheets
Chord Sight Reading Exercise
13 Complex Extended Chords
7 Amazing Chord Progressions

Lead Guitar Methods and Techniques :
Learning from the Master… Wes Montgomery
Jazz Guitar Stylings
Sweep Picking in Jazz
Using the Pentatonic Scale Over Jazz Changes
When to Use Chromatic Notes

Tips, Tricks, Licks & Sub-genres :
Hip-Hop Jazz Techniques
Sight Reading for Guitar Players
3 Quick Jazz Fusion Licks
4 Classic Jazz Licks
Bossa Nova Jazz Basics

What's Next? :
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