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Javascript Specialist

Getting Started :
Writing Your first Javascript Program- Quick Start
Where to Put Javascript Code
The window.onload Function
Output to the Console
Output to the Browser
Understanding getElementById()

Variables and Math :
Section Introduction
Declaring and Initializing Variables
Types of Javascript Variables
Operators and Arithmetic in Javascript
Javascript Math Functions
It's True! You Can Understand Booleans
Javascript Guessing Game

Conditionals :
Section Introduction
If Statements
If.. Else Statements
If and Else If
Nested if Statements
Javascript Switch Statement
Javascript Program: Calculating Bonuses

Loops :
Section Introduction
While Loops
Do... While Loops
For Loops
For... In Loops
Endless Loops
Break and Continue Statements
Javascript Program: Calculating Simple Interest

Functions :
Section Introduction
Defining a Simple Function and Function Calls
Function Parameters
The Return Statement
Anonymous Functions

Events :
Section Introduction
Mouse Events
Keyboard Events
Form Events
The Event Object

Dialog Boxes :
Section Introduction
Alert Dialogs
Confirm Dialogs
Prompt Dialogs

Arrays :
Section Introduction
Declaring Arrays
Accessing and Editing Array Elements
Looping Through Arrays
Array Functions

Strings :
Section Introduction
charAt(), includes() and indexOf()
search() and replace()
slice(), split() and substr()

Dates :
Section Introduction
Getting Current Date and Time
Setting a Custom Date and Time
More Date and Time Functions

Regular Expressions :
Section Introduction
Understanding Regular Expressions
Testing for Matches
Search and Replace with RegEx

DOM Elements :
Section Introduction
getElementById() and innerHTML
Changing DOM Elements
Adding and Deleting Elements
Locating Elements

Services :
Section Introduction
xmlHttpRequest() Object
Making get Requests
Making post Requests
Working with text content
Working with XML content

Section Introduction
Understanding JSON Notation
Obtaining JSON Content from a Service
Parsing JSON Content

Applied Javascript Examples :
Section Introduction
Drawing on the Canvas

Javascript Objects and Classes :
Section Introduction
Custom Objects
Javascript Classes