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JavaScript from Beginner to Expert

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Welcome to my JavaScript course
What is Javascript and where can you use it?
Who Am I?
What you will know after this course?
Assumptions in this course

Editor :
Downloading and installing editor
Creating the project / structure of project
Useful shortcuts that will save you tons of time

Basics :
Properly embedding JS scripts on your website reducing website loading speed
Basics: How is your script executed? Whitespaces/semicolons etc.
Practise your basic knowledge (Updated Nov 17')
6 questions

Operators :
Arithmetic operators
Create a variable that will hold sum of two other variables
1 question
Relational operators
Logical operators
Practise your knowledge about the operators (Updated June 17')
9 questions

Conditions :
Conditional Statements

Conditional operator ?:
Practise your knowledge about the conditional statements (updated Feb 17')
4 questions

Functions :
Functions basics
Scope of Variables within Functions and Outside of Functions
Scope of Variables - fast text summary
Function Expressions | Anonymous function
Practise your knowledge about the functions (Updated Jun 17')
5 questions

Objects :
What are and how to create objects?
If your script is not working watch in Event section about onload event
Using an Object Constructor Function (class)
Adding Properties to Objects using Prototype
Practise your knowledge about the objects (Updated March 17')
6 questions

Arrays :
Useful Array Methods
Practise your knowledge about the Arrays
5 questions

Loops :
What is loop? while and do while loop
loop for
instruction break and continue
loop for/in - used for processing objects
EXERCISE: Argument Object in function (unlimited number of arguments)
Loops quiz (Updated June 17')
5 questions

DOM (Document Object Model) :
What is DOM / how to obtain content of your website
querySelector - fast and easy accessing of elements on the website
Changing dynamically styles of elements using JS
Adding and removing elements from document
EXERCISE: Loop inside another Loop - printing out multiplication table
Practise your knowledge about DOM
3 questions

Events :
Basics of Events
'this' - accessing the element that invoked the event function
Adding and removing event listener
Event object as an automatically passed argument to function
Propagating (multiplication of events)
Preventing browser default action for example blocking context menu
EXERCISE: onscroll Event - 'jump to the top of website' button
Mouse events - dragging the image
setTimeout and setInterval - Timing Events
EXERCISE: upgrading the code from the last lesson to object oriented way
Practise your knowledge about Events
6 questions

Validating Forms using Events :
How to validate forms? Validating text type input using form related events
Stopping form from submitting when any data in a form is not correct
radio input on terms and condition example
select (combo box)
Practise your knowledge about validating forms
4 questions

String :
Manipulating a string using String's methods
Breaking string in many lines for readability and special characters

RegExp :
RegExp Object reference
Regular expressions
Regexp match vs exec function
EXERCISE: RegExp on practical example - testing password in input

Date :
Time manipulation with Date object
Exercise: A Clock on your website

Cookies :
What are cookies?
Function for creating cookies
Function for removing cookies
Function for finding value of cookie by keyname
Properly interpreting special characters - EncodeURIComponent method

Dialog Window :
Confirm and prompt box

Math :
Rounding numbers and the most useful Math methods
EXERCISE: Random quotes

Location :
How to get and change location (URL) of your user?

Images :
Loading Images only when needed - save your bandwith and improve user experience

Exercises :
Slideshow animated in JS using CSS property transition
Animation using setInterval that is supported in every web browser
Image gallery with thumbnails
Tooltip - how to create a hint box?

Closures :
What are closures on practical example?
Discussion on stackoverflow about closures

Advanced - Optional Topics :
Bitwise operators

BONUS 1: Debugging :
Debugging with console commands
Great online tools for testing and sharing your code
strict mode

BONUS 2: Best practises :
Code performance
Keeping one .js file
Compressing JS files
7 most common mistakes you should avoid
Changing IDE coloristics - keep your eyes healthy

Summary :
What after this course?

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