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JavaScript ES6 in Practice: ES2015 to ES2017 Masterclass

Introduction :
Introduction, and setting up your build system to compile ES6

Arrow Functions :
Arrow Functions
Exercise 1: Your first arrow function
1 question
Exercise 2: Reducing an array
1 question
Exercise 3: Context binding
1 question
Arrow functions - solutions of the exercises

Block and Function Scope, Temporal Dead Zone :
Function scope, block scope, constants, temporal dead zone
Solutions: Function scope, block scope, constants
Setting up your linter with ES6

Default Arguments :
Default Arguments
Solutions: Default Arguments

Classes in ES6 :
Class Syntax
Solutions: ES6 Classes

Destructuring, the Spread operator, Rest Parameters :
Solutions: Destructuring
Spread and Rest
Solutions: Spread and Rest

Objects and Functions in ES6 :
Exercises: Objects
Solutions: Objects
Functions and Tail Call Optimization
Exercises: Functions and Tail Call Optimization
Solutions: Functions

Symbols :
Symbols in ES6
Exercises: Symbols
Solutions: Symbols

The for...of loop :
The for...of loop
Exercises: for...of loop
Solutions: the for...of loop

Strings and Template Literals :
Strings and Template Literals
Exercises: Strings and Template Literals
Solutions: Strings and Template Literals

Sets and Maps :
Sets and Maps
Exercises: Sets and Maps
ES6 Sets and Maps - Solutions (text)
ES6 Sets and Maps - Solutions (video)

Iterators and Generators :
Iterators and Generators
Exercises: Iterators and Generators
Solutions: Iterators and Generators

Promises :
Exercises: Promises
Solutions: Promises

Modules in ES6, Webpack :
ES6 modules, Webpack

Reflect API and Proxies :
Reflect API
Exercises: Reflect API
Solutions: Reflect API
Exercises: Proxies
Solutions: Proxies

Math and Number Extensions in ES6 :
Math and Number Extensions

ES2016 :

ES2017 :
ES2017 String and Object Extensions
ES2017 Async-Await

Bonuses :
Bonus Articles