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Java SE 8 New Features

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Getting Started :
Mac: Install Java Development Kit
Windows: Install Java Development Kit
Mac: Install IntelliJ
Windows: Install IntelliJ

Using Lambda Expressions and Method Enhancements :
Understanding lambda expressions and method references
Traversing collections with lambda expressions
Defining and instantiating a functional interface
Using built-in functional interfaces with lambdas
Filtering collections with predicate interfaces
Traversing collections with method references
Implementing default methods in interfaces
Implementing static methods in interfaces

Processing Collections with Streams :
Traversing collections with streams
Creating streams from collections and arrays
Aggregating stream values

Using the New Date and Time API :
Calculating time spans with Instant and Duration
Representing date and time values
Formatting date and time values
Supporting time-zone offsets

Miscellaneous New Features :
Running JavaScript from Java
Joining string values into delimited lists