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Java Programming with Java 8 and OCA OCP Java Exam Prep

Course Introduction :
Course Introduction
Platform Independency, JDK and JRE terms
Introduction to Java
3 questions
Preparing development environment
Syntax rules

Programming with Java 101 :
Hello World Application
Importing project - Exporting Project
Introduction to primitives and int
Exercise 1 - Mathematical operations on int variables
1 page
Solution of exercise 1
long and short types
Casting integer types
Exercise 2 - Casting integer types
2 pages
Solution to exercise 2
Floating Point Numbers - float and double
Exercise 3 - Using floating point numbers
2 pages
Solution to exercise 3
Operator Precedence
Exercise 4 - Applying operator precedence
1 page
Solution to exercise 4
Shortcut Operators
Boolean type and logical operations
Exercise 5 - Boolean operation construction
2 pages
Solution to Exercise 5
Printing values to console. print and println methods
Introduction to primitives
8 questions
char and character arithmetic
Character and character arithmetic
2 questions
Exercise 6 - Character Arithmetic - Modifying char with arithmetic operations
1 page
Solution to exercise 6 - Modifying char with arithmetic operations

Control Structures and Loops :
If else blocks
Exercise - If else block construction
1 page
If else blocks and operator Precedence
2 questions
Switch Statement
For loop
While Loop
Exercise - Using "for" loops
1 page
Breaking the loops
Nested Loops
Nested Loops 2 - Dependent Boundaries
Exercise - Using nested loops
1 page
Solution to exercise
Exercise - Using nested loops 2
1 page
Solution to exercise - Using nested loops

Array :
Introduction to arrays
Initializing the array without specifying the size
Why array indexes start at 0 and ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
Iterating over array elements
Sum the even numbers in an array
1 question
Multi-dimensional arrays

Class and Method :
Object, Class, Instance Definitions
Creating and referencing instances
Method Theory
Method Invocation 1
Method Invocation 2 - Invoke on object instances
Exercise - Using classes, instances and invoking methods
2 pages
Exercise - Code Correction - Return value on all flow paths
1 page
Method Overloading
Limitless arguments - Array and Vararg arguments
Static context
Using static variables and methods

Memory management in Java :
Introduction to JVM memory management
JVM Memory Management
3 questions
Preserving Method Execution Order
Stack Space and StackOverflowError
Modifying object instances inside method
Modifying primitive arguments inside method
Method invocation order and method-local variables
4 questions

Array exercises and live coding :
Exercise - Finding series in an array
Exercise - Multidimensional arrays and methods

Object Oriented Basics :
Object Oriented Introducton
Composition - Composing object instances
Data Encapsulation and Access Modifiers
Other object oriented concepts

String Object and Regular Expressions :
Introduction to string
Checking string equality (Pooled string)
String methods - 1
String methods - 2
Exercise 1 - Count Words
1 page
Solution to exercise 1- Finding occurrence count of a word in a sentence
Exercise 2 - Remove words from string
1 page
Solution to exercise - Removing all occurrences of a word from a sentence
Exercise 3 - Convert to title case
1 page
Solution to exercise 3 - Making a sentence title-case
Regular expressions - Introduction
Regular expressions - Further Examples
Email address validation with regex and matcher class
Check if all the characters are lowercase alphabetic characters in a string
1 question
Extracting useful data from input with regex and method

Most Used Built-in Classes :
Integer, Float, Double, Boolean,Character Classes - Boxing and Unboxing
Date Class
Date Formatting with SimpleDateFormat
Calendar Class
String - Date - Calendar Conversions
Exercise - Find difference between two dates as human readable
Exercise - Finding a future date
BigDecimal Aritmetic Operations, setScale and toPlainString method.
1 question
StringBuffer - append() and insert() methods.
1 question
Using enums
1 question
Inheritance and Abstraction
7 lectures
Introduction to inheritance
Extending classes
Overriding Methods
Exercise - Extending classes, overriding methods and attributes
3 pages
Solution to exercise ( PART 1)- Extending classes, overriding methods
Solution to exercise ( PART 2)- Extending classes, overriding methods
Object class and toString() method
Object methods and abstraction
7 lectures
Object class - equals() method
Exercise: equals() method overriding
2 pages
Object class - hashcode() method
Abstract class
Storing objects with different types but same super class in array
18 lectures
Introduction to collections
ArrayList - Using custom objects
Iterating with Iterator and ListIterator
Map - Theory of maps and HashMap
Map - Using maps
Iterating over maps - entry, key, values
Exercise - Using maps
2 pages
Solution to exercise
Exercise - Using sets
2 pages
Solution to exercise - Using sets
Performance of searching an item in list vs map
Comparable interface and natural ordering of instances
Comparator interface - Defining custom equality logic on demand
Binary search on collections
Merging lists by using sets
1 question
Exercise - Merging lists by using sets
Exercise - Using sets for removing duplicate items
Exception Management
5 lectures
Using try-catch-finally block
Checked and unchecked exceptions
Handling checked exceptions
Using custom exceptions
Exercise - Using custom exceptions
3 pages
Input/Output and File Operations
10 lectures
File Object
Listing files and directories
Creating folders and files
Accessing and modifying file/folder attributes
Ordering and filtering files by last modified time and size
General file reader and writer classes
Read file with InputStream and FileReader
Read a text file line by line by BufferedReader
Write content into a text file
Exercise - Read a file; process data and write to another file
Java 8 - Functional Programming
31 lectures
Introduction to Java 8 Update
Function vs method - What is a pure function?
Mutability and Immutability
BigData Problems and Functional Programming
Functional Programming vs Object Orientation
Functional Programming Concepts in Java 8
Functional Programming
4 questions
Introduction to Functional Interfaces
Function Interface
Chaining functions with andThen and compose
Function Chaining Rule
Predicate class
Consumer and Supplier class
Lambda expressions
Replacing Functional Interfaces with Lambda Expressions
Method and constructor references and "::" operator
Optional class and chaining functions null-safe
Stream - Introduction
Stream - Intermediate and terminal operations
Stream - Convert a collection to a Stream
Stream - Create stream with of() method and IntStream.range()
Stream - max(), min(), average() method
Stream - Filter
findAny(), findFirst(), anyMatch(), allMatch()
Stream - map() function and transforming data
Stream -count(), distinct(), order() methods
Reducing Streams, Collector and Collectors
toList(), toCollection() and summingInt() of Collectors
groupingBy() function and grouping items
Transforming groupBy() result into custom object list
Stream - peek() method and obtaining intermediate result
flatMap() method
Using Databases with JDBC
12 lectures
Databases Introduction - Relational Database Basics
Primary Key, Foreign Key and Satisfying Data Integrity
Database Connections
Preparing the Mysql Environment and Downloading the source code
Importing initial schema for the Java application
Select statements and executing from Java application
Binding dynamic variables to PreparedStatement for faster SQL execution
Insert statements and executing from Java application
Update statements and executing from Java application
Delete statements and executing from java application
DB Transactions and Committing / Rolling back the transactions
Managing transactions in Java application
DB Transactions and Managing Transactions in Java
4 questions
Select and insert statements with SQL. Executing them on Java
10 questions
Communicating with web services and web pages
7 lectures
Introduction to HTTP protocol, GET and POST methods
HTTP post and get method structure
4 questions
Anatomy of JSON objects
JSON object anatomy
4 questions
Parsing JSON into Java objects with GSON library
Download source code
Serializing Java objects into JSON string with GSON library
Serializing / deserializing JSON objects
6 questions
Sending Post Requests with JSON data to webservices
Sending GET requests to webservices and using the response
Java 8 - Date and Time API
6 lectures
What is new in new date and time API?
LocalDate, LocalTime and LocalDateTime classes
Java 8 Date and Time Basic Classes
5 questions
Temporal interface, Instant, Period and Duration classes & date/time artihmetics
Temporal interface, Instant, Period and Duration classes & date/time artihmetics
6 questions
ZonedDateTime and using timezones
ZonedDateTime and using time zones
4 questions
Converting Java 8 date classes into strings with formatters
Creating Java 8 date/time instances from strings with DateTimeFormatter
2 lectures
Why we use generics?
Using generics for type safety in collections
Web Programming with Java Servlets and Java Server Pages
10 lectures
Introduction to client-server architecture
General structure of the Java web project
HttpServlet Fundamentals
HttpServlet usage for responding to HTTP post requests
Return HTML response in HTTPServlet
Redirecting the Http request to a JSP page and accessing values with scriptlet
Anatomy of the HTTP requests in detail and HTTP session
Demonstration of session scope with HttpServlet
JSP action directives
Redirecting vs forwarding the request