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Java for Humans: Introduction to Programming

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Welcome to Java for Humans!
Overview of Java in 3 Easy Steps!
Notepad++ Installation (Windows)
Downloading the JDK (Windows)
Installing the JDK (Windows)
Setting Environment Variables (Windows)
Java Setup on Mac OS X
Java Setup on Linux (Example: Ubuntu)

Program #1: Hello, World! :
Hello, World! [Code Attached]
Hello, World! In-Depth: Introduction
Hello, World! In-Depth: The Class
Hello, World! In-Depth: The Method
Hello, World! In-Depth: System.out.println
Coding Challenge!

Program #2: Age Calculator :
Arithmetic Symbols
Creating an Integer (int) Variable
Performing Basic Arithmetic with Variables
Changing the Variable
More Common Data Types
Code Challenge! #2 (Variables)
Creating an Age Calculator Program
Improving the Age Calc: Basic Logic
Logic Operators and If Statements
Else Statements
Finishing the Age Calc [Code Attached]
Introduction to Arrays & Casting
Test Your Knowledge! (QUIZ)
10 questions

Core Concepts 1 :
Commenting Your Code
Operator Shortcuts (a += b, etc.)
The Magical Escape Character!
Creating a Template File

Branching & Looping :
Branching with Switch
Dealing with Empty args
Looping with 'while'
For Loops
Do While Loops

Program #3: Functional Calculator :
First Steps to a Functional Calculator
Writing the Core Code
Dealing with Argument Input Errors
Handling Exceptions with 'try' and 'catch' [Code Attached]

Core Concepts 2 :
Creating and Using Arrays
Casting Variable Data
Math: Rounding Numbers
Math: Generating Random Numbers
Creating Another Method
Understanding 'Scope'

Program #4: Tic Tac Toe Game :
Tic Tac Toe Program: Introduction
Getting User Input with Scanner
Creating Class Variables and Sub-Methods
Creating the 'main' and 'drawBoard' methods
Creating the 'setup' method
Creating the 'game' method
Creating the 'oppMove' method
Creating the 'checkWin' method
The Final Method + Test Play! [Code Attached]
Coding Challenge!
Test Your Knowledge! (QUIZ)
10 questions

Core Concepts 3 :
Working with Multiple Classes
Instantiating Objects
Introduction to IDEs
NetBeans IDE: Overview
Eclipse IDE: Overview
Using Visual Studio for Java Programming
Generating JAR Files
Turning JAR file into an EXE with JSmooth

Program #5: The File Guru :
Setting up the FileGuru Class
Setting up the Actions Class
The 'list' Method
The 'read' Method
The 'write' Method
Error Handling in FileGuru Class
Finishing Touches [Code Attached]

Creating Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) :
Creating a Swing Window
Swing Buttons
Grids & Layouts
Button Events
Keyboard Interaction
Mouse Interaction
Creating Dialog Boxes

Course Review :
Final Exam
20 questions