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Java EE with Vaadin, Spring Boot and Maven

Video Introducing this tutorial


Installations :
Installing Java
Installing Eclipse
Installing Maven
Installing MySQL
Installing JBoss - WildFly

Maven :
What is Maven?
Maven with command line and Eclipse
Project Object Model (POM)
Build lifecycles and phases I - clean
Build lifecycles and phases II - site
Build lifecycles and phases III - default
Plugins example
Maven repositories
Multiple modules
Parent pom vs aggregator pom
Using WARs
Maven interview questions / summary

Java Persistence API (JPA) :
The old way - JDBC
JDBC approach with example
What is Java Persitence API?
Java Persistence API architecture
Object relation mapping components
First JPA application - insert new record I
First JPA application - insert new record II
JPA annotations
Basic CRUD operartions with EntityManager - insert
Basic CRUD operartions with EntityManager - read
Basic CRUD operartions with EntityManager - delete
Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) - basic queries I
Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) - basic queries II
Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) - native SQL queries
Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL) - named queries
Inheritance in JPA
Inheritance strategies I - single table
Inheritance strategies II - joined table
Inheritance strategies III - table per class
Entity relationships - @OnToOne
Entity relationships - @OneToMany and @ManyToOne
Entity relationships - @ManyToMany
Lazy and eager fetch
Cascading fields
Callbacks and listeners
Locks - optimistic and pessimistic
JPA vs hibernate
JPA interview questions / summary

Spring Framework - XML Configuration :
Architecture of Spring framework
First Spring application
Spring containers
Bean scopes
Bean init and destroy
Dependency injection
Annotations I
Annotations II - java based annotations autowire qualifier configuration
@Qualifier annotation

Spring Boot :
Why Spring Boot came to be?
First spring boot application
Using annotations in Spring Boot
Building with Maven
Building with Eclipse
Spring boot with vaadin integration
Using existing WildFly server I
Using existing WildFly server II
Spring and Spring Boot summary

Vaadin Framework Basics :
Vaadin architecture
TextField - basics
TextField - events
Grid selections
Layouts introduction
Layouts - VerticalLayout
Layouts - HorizontalLayout
Layouts - AbsoluteLayout
Layouts - FormLayout
Layouts - GridLayout
Data binding
Vaadin with spring summary

Wiring All Together - Web Application :
---------------------------- CONFIGURATION -----------------------------
Configuring the application with Maven I - multi modules
Configuring the application with Maven II - version
Configuring the application - spring boot I
Configuring the application - spring boot II
Integrating with Vaadin
Building with Maven
Configuring the application - deploy to WildFly
Creating the main layout
Logo layout
Menu layout
Enum constants
What we have done so far
------------------- CUSTOM NAVIGATOR -----------------------------
Custom navigator I
Custom navigator II
Custom navigator III
Custom navigator IV
------------------ STUDENT SECTION ---------------------------------
Student model
Student tabsheet
The main layout I - the main structure
The main layout II - initializing variables
The main layout III - layout
The main layout IV - component style
Main layout - listeners and bind
Showing notifications
Connecting to database I - properties file
Connecting to database II - entities
Repository and service
Persisting Student objects
Show all students layout I - the main structure
Show all students layout II - repository
Callback - updating the grid
Remove student I
Remove student II
Remove student III - service
Remove student IV
------------------ UNIVERSITY SECTION --------------------------------
Universities main view
Add university - basics
Add university - bind, layout
Add university - save
Add university - service
University entity annotations
Show universities layout - service
Show all universities layout
Update the table on every insertion
------------------ JOIN TABLES SECTION --------------------------------
Add student validation I
Add student validation II
Joining tables
Statistics tab I
Statistics tab II
Statistics tab III

Transactions :
Transaction introduction
Using @Transactional

Spring Security :
Authentication VS authorization
------------------ AUTHENTICATION --------------------------------
Overview of authentication
Spring security configuration
Spring security configuration II
Setting up the database: USER
Repository and service update
Login form implementation I
Login form implementation II
Login form implementation III - authentication
Signup layout
Signup service and repository
Wiring it together

Course Materials :
Course materials
JPA source code
Spring source code
Spring boot source code
Vaadin source code
Final web application source code
Spring security authentication code
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