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Java By Example

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Overview :
Course Overview
How to make best use of this course
Course Introduction

Install JDK and set up IDE :
Download JDK
Download IntelliJ IDEA
Install and Configure JDK
Create first Java Program - HelloWorld
Configure IntelliJ IDEA
Configure Global Library
Download and Install Java Documentation

Language Fundamentals and Data Types :
Introduction to Java
Language Fundamentals and Data Types
Improved Add Two Numbers
Subtract Number
Add Two Numbers from User
Byte Arithmetic Operations
Int Arithmetic Operations
Float Arithmetic Operations
Unary Operations
Convert Fahrenheit to Celsius
Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit
Swap Numbers
Swap Numbers without using Temporary Variables
Swap First Name and Last Name

Conditional Operators :
Find largest of three integers
Find smallest of three integers
Calculate area of Triangle (Heron's formula)
Pythagorean Tripple
Leap Year
Calculate Age
Grade Scores
Month Finder
Find Number of days in a month

Control Flow :
Numbers Printer
Print Alphabets
Multiplication Table
Factorial Calculator
Even Number Printer
Odd Number Printer
Prime Checker
Prime Number Printer
HCF (GCD) Calculator
LCM Calculator
Find Sum of digits of a number
Floyds Triangle

Arrays and Strings :
String and StringBuffer
Find largest and smallest in array
Fibonacci Sequence
Pascals Triangle
Telephone Number

Objects and Classes :
Complex Number Concepts
Complex Number Attributes and Constructors
Complex Number methods
Complex Number static Methods
Closed Shape
Equilateral Triangle
Parallelogram Rectangle and Square
Employee and Sales Employee

Recursion :
Factorial of a Number
Fibonacci Numbers
HCF calculation using Eucleid's algorithm
Tower of Hanoi/Tower of Brahma

File I/O :
Additional files for File I/O Section
List all files in directories
List all directories
Read from a text file
Write to a text file
Copy a file or a directory
Move a file or a directory
Read from Excel and Write to Excel

Concurrency :
Concurrency Concepts
Random Wait
Simple Clock
MailBox Consumer
Improved MailBox Consumer
Ehanced MailBox Consumer
Multi Consumer

Collection Framework :
Additional Files for Collection Section
Property File Reader
Words Util
Sort Strings
Sort Integers
Sort Employees
Expression Evaluator1
Expression Evaluator2
Expression Evaluator3
Expression Evaluator

Exceptions :
Exceptions Concepts
Method Throwing Exceptions

Regular Expressions :
North America Zip Code Validation
Number Validation
SSN Validation
Telephone Number Validation
Email Validation
Password Validation
Credit Card Validation

GUI Development :
Hello World
Celsius to FAhrenheit
Multiplication Tables
Basic Shapes

Look and Feel :
Substance Look and Feel

Project 01 Stop Watch :
Stop Watch Introduction
Stop Watch Basic Windows Functionality
Stop Watch GUI Development
Stop Watch Time Tracking Methods
Stop Watch Recap

Project 02 Loan Payment Calculator :
Loan Payment Calculator Introduction
Loan Payment Calculator Basic Windows Methods
Event dispatch thread
Loan Payment Calculator GUI
Loan Payment Calculator TableModel
Loan Payment Calculator Compute Button
Loan Payment Calculator Recap

Project 03 Savings Calculator :
Savings Calculator Introduction
Savings Calculator Classes and Basic Methods
Savings Calculator GUI
Savings Calculator Compute Button
Savings Calculator Recap

Project 04 World Clock :
World Clock Introduction
World Clock Classes and Basic Methods
Clock GUI
Clock Functionality
World Clock GUI and Functionality
World Clock Recap

Project 05 Text Application :
Text Application Introduction
Text Application Classes and Basic Methods
Text Application GUI and Functionality
LAF GUI and Functionality

Project 06 Refund Request Form :
Refund Request Form Introduction
Refund Request Form Classes and Basic Methods
Refund Request Form GUI
Refund Request Form Functionality
Refund Request Form Recap

Project 07 H Tree :
H Tree Introduction
H Tree Classes and Basic Methods
H Tree GUI
Drawing H Tree
H Tree Recap

Project 08 Sierpinski Triangle :
Sierpinski Triangle Introduction
Sierpinski Triangle Classes and Basic Methods
Sierpinski Triangle GUI
Drawing Sierpinski Triangle
Sierpinski Triangle Recap

Project 09 Sierpinski Carpet :
Sierpinski Carpet Introduction
Sierpinski Carpet Classes and Basic Methods
Sierpinski Carpet GUI
Drawing Sierpinski Carpet
Sierpinski Carpet Recap

Project 10 Mini Tennis :
Mini Tennis Introduction
Mini Tennis Classes and Basic Methods
Mini Tennis GUI
Mini Tennis Construction of Objects
Ball Positioning and Movement
Bat Positioning and Movement
Collision Detection
Putting it all together
Mini Tennis Recap

Project 11 Tic Tac Toe :
Introduction to Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe classes and Basic Methods
Tic Tac Toe GUI
Tic Tac Toe
Tic Tac Toe Cell
Putting it all together
Tic Tac Toe Recap

Project 12 Notepad Application :
Introduction to Note Pad Application
NotepadApp Classes and Basic Methods
NotepadApp GUI
File Functionality
Print Functionality
Edit Functionality
Format Functionality
Notepad Application Recap

Project 13 Tower of Hanoi :
Introduction to Tower of Hanoi
Tower of Hanoi Classes and Basic Methods
Tower of Hanoi GUI
Pole Functionality
Disk Functionality
Tower of Hanoi App Functionality
Tower of Hanoi Functionality
Tower of Hanoi Recap

Project 14 Calculator :
Introduction Calculator
Calculator Classes and Basic Methods
Calculator GUI
Calculator Functionality
Calculator Recap

Course Review :
Course Recap