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IT Networking Fundamentals For Complete Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction and Course Agenda
What is Networking?

Understanding Local Area Networking :
What is a LAN?
Understanding Network Topologies
IP Address
Concept of Sub netting

Defining Networks with the OSI Model :
The OSI Model
IEEE 802 Standards & Ethernet
Network Cabling
Networking Tools
Wireless Networks

Understanding Internet Protocol :
All about IPv4
What is IPv6

Implementing TCP/IP in the Command Line :
Understanding TCP/IP Commands
Advanced TCP/IP Commands

Working with Networking Services :
Understanding DHCP
Remote Desktop Services (Microsoft)
Internet and WWW
What is a VPN?
What is a Router?
Understanding Hubs and Switches
Different OS Platforms

Defining Network Infrastructure and Network Security :
Network Intrusion
All About Firewalls

Course Conclusion :
Course Recap