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Investing The Lazy Investor Way

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started Fast And Easy :
Introduction & Getting The Most Out Of The Course
Can I Make Money Investing This Way?
Demonstration Exercise: What Portfolio Fits You!
Why Many Investors Fail And Why You Wont
Why The Financial Industry Hates This
Quiz: Section 1
2 questions

Key Success Factors To Leverage In Your Favor :
Automation: Feed The Monster
Keep Costs Low
DIY Or Have Someone Else Do The Work--Cheaply
Periodic Checkups And Re-balancing
Lazy Investing Is Designed For The Buy And Hold Investor
Understanding The Two Investing Extremes And Which Is Better For You
Quiz: Section 2
2 questions

Step 1: Determine Your Personal Risk Level :
Risk And Risk Types
Demo: Online Risk Determination Tool
Quiz: Section 3
2 questions

Step 2: Determine Your Asset Allocation :
What Do We Mean By Asset Allocation Exactly
Quick And Easy Understanding Of Modern Portfolio Theory And Why Good For You
How To Reduce Risk By Adding A Risky Class (Stocks)...Really
Quiz: Section 4
2 questions

Step 3 Determine Your Investment Vehicle :
Choosing A Vehicle That Fits You
What Is A Mutual Fund Really?
Active Vs. Index Funds
Mutual Fund Style Box
Mutual Fund Expenses
Demonstration: Mutual Fund Expenses
Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) Similar Yet Different Than Mutual Funds
Demonstration: Exchange Traded Funds (ETF)
Balanced Funds
Demonstration: Balanced Funds
Target Date Funds
Demonstration: Target Date Funds
Fund Of Funds
Demonstration: Fund Of Funds
Individual Stocks Vs Mutual Funds & ETF Plus Key Considerations
Quiz: Section 5
2 questions

Sample Portfolios For The Lazy Investor With Analysis :
Couch Potato
Bogleheads 2 and 3 Fund Portfolios
Core 4
Coffee House Portfolio
Cowards Portfolio
Ideal Indexed Portfolio
Lazy Portfolio
Permanent Portfolio
Quiz: Section 6
2 questions

Robo Investing Online. Ultimate In Effective Yet Lazy Investing :
What Is Robo Investing...And Why It May Be Good For You!
Demonstration: Wealthfront
Demonstration: Betterment
Demonstration: Schwab Intelligent Portfolios
Pre-Packaged Themed Investments
Demonstration: Folio Investing
Demonstration: Motif Investing
Quiz: Section 7
2 questions

Next Steps :
Next Steps + Bonus Step