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Introduction to X Theme and Cornerstone for WordPress

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Welcome to Introduction to X Theme and Cornerstone for Wordpress
Section 1

Why X Theme? :
Favorite Features
Purchasing X Theme
The X Theme Community
The X Theme Facebook Group
Section 2

Introduction to Setting Up X Theme :
Installing X Theme
Installing X Child Theme
Registering Your Copy of X Theme
Installing X Theme Extensions
My Favorite Plugins to Use with X Theme
The X Theme Menu
Section 3

The X Theme Stacks :
Stack Layout Design and Typography
Customizing the Button Design
Customizing the Header and Footer
Customizing the Blog and Portfolio
Adding Social Site Icons to Your Stack
Customizing Menus
Customizing Widgets
Section 4

Cornerstone Overview :
Using Templates with Cornerstone
Creating a Custom Page Layout with Cornerstone
Page Elements Offered with Cornerstone
Cornerstone Settings
Section 5

Creating a Site with Demo Content :
Section 6

Jerad's Personal Blog :
CPR Classes Website
School Website
Quarter Midget Racing Website

Themeco Hosting :
Creating Your Themeco Hosting Account
Your Site
Migration Support

Course Conclusion :
Let's Connect
Thank You