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Introduction to Puppet Roles and Profiles

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to this course :
A thank you
Why Roles and Profiles?
Different types of modules
Selecting great modules on the Puppetforge
Why use Puppet modules?

Role and Profile Theory :
Theory of Roles and Profiles: Overview
Settings that apply to all machines: profile::base

Setting up roles and profiles :
Creating the Role and Profile modules
Downloading a component module
Testing our profile::base
Expanding profile::base -> Managing some system users

Making it Rock with Hiera :
Quick introduction to Hiera
Managing the system users with Hiera using create_resources
Looking at the hierarcy used in hiera.yaml
create_resources is very common in profiles!

profile::base with multiple platforms :
Multiplatform profile::base

Setting up a role and profile for a webserver :
Overview of the pattern
Create the profile::lamp and the role::web classes
Add custom fact to test our new web role
Using create_resources to manage apache::vhost and mysql database resources.

Node Classification with Roles and Profiles :
Node classification: There is more than one way to do it!

The End - Fini - Einde - Ende :
Course Summary
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