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Introduction to Microsoft Project 2016 for Beginners

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
Essential Information for a Successful Training Experience
Course Exercise Files
Course Demo Files
Downloadable Course Transcripts
Acquiring Project 2016
Course Review
What's New in Project 2016
Section 1 Quiz
1 question

Workspace, The Ribbon and Help :
The Project 2016 Workspace
Online Help
Ribbon and Toolbars
Status Bar
Keyboard Shortcuts and Tips
Section 2 Quiz
3 questions

Using Touch :
Overview of Principles
Section 3 Quiz
1 question

Project Options :
Overview of Project Options
Section 4 Quiz
1 question

Task Basics :
Entering Tasks
Opening and Closing Projects
Exercise 1
Task Properties
Section 5 Quiz
4 questions

Subtasks :
Exercise 2
Section 6 Quiz
1 question

Dependencies, Deadlines and Milestones :
Linking and Unlinking Tasks
Setting Constraints and Deadlines
Setting Milestones
Exercise 3
Section 7 Quiz
3 questions

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