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Introduction to Figure Drawing – Create a Dynamic Character

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction and Course Overview :
Introduction and Course Overview

Figure Drawing with Gesture Drawing :
Using References and Resources
Time to do some Sketching
Cleaning up the Sketch

Digital Painting your Character :
Getting Inspiration and References for the Color Palette
Adding Base Colors
Shadows and Highlights for extra Depth

Drawing Ears :
Types of Ears
Making a Head Reference
Drawing a Narrow Ear
Draw Round Ears
Pointy Ears

Learn to draw Noses! :
Types of Noses
Square Noses
Round Noses
Draw Pointy Noses

Learn to draw Eyes and Expressions! :
Different Eye Shapes
Placement and Size of the Eye
Further Eye Placement (with a Head Reference)
Adding Details and Depth
Drawing the Eyebrows
Creating fun Expressions!

Learn to Draw Mouths and Chins! :
Drawing Natural Lips
Drawing Thin Lips!
Draw Full and Lush Lips
Placing the Lips and Perspective
Female vs Male Lips
Drawing Feminine Chins
Quick Comparison between Feminine Chins
Drawing Masculine Chins
Quick Comparison between Masculine Chins
Drawing (happy) Expressions! Part 1
Drawing (sad and angry) Expressions! Part 2
Draw Mouths according to the Sounds!
Let's Practice what we've learned!
3 questions

Master Drawing Hair! :
Finding References and a Special Place!
Drawing Short Hair
Drawing Long Hair!
Different Short Hair in Men
Types of Hair: Straight Hair!
Types of Hair: Wavy Hair!
Types of Hair: Curly Hair

Different Types of Beard and how to Draw them! :
Draw a Short Stubble Beard!
Draw a Medium-Sized Full Beard
Draw a Long and Full Beard
Other Types of Beards, let's Draw together!
Time to Practice! Head Drawing with Hair and Beard
3 questions
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