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Introduction To Data Science

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Overview :
Course Introduction
Walk-through of a data science project
Starting with R and data

Modeling and Machine Learning :
Mapping Business to Machine Learning Tasks
Validating Models
Your Feedback is Valuable
1 page
Naive Bayes: background
Naive Bayes: practice
Linear Regression: background
Linear Regression: practice
Logistic Regression: background
Logistic Regression: practice
Decision Trees and Random Forest: background
Random Forest: practice
Generalized Additive Models
Support Vector Machines
Gradient Boosting
Regularization for Linear and Logistic Regression
Evaluating Models

Data :
Loading Data in R
Visualizing Data
Missing Values
The Shape of Data
Dealing with Categorical Variables
Useful Data Transformations

Moving On :
Recommended Books
Further Topics
Next Steps