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Introduction to Apache NiFi (Hortonworks DataFlow – HDF 2.0)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction to NiFi and first concepts :
Introduction to Apache NiFi
Important Concepts: FlowFile, Processor and Connector
Apache NiFi basics
2 questions

Hands On: Getting Started with NiFi ;
Downloading, Installing and Running NiFi
Adding and configuring the first processor: GetFile
Second processor PutFile and Starting the Flow
Understanding the UI
Categorisation of processors
FlowFile generator: GenerateFlowFile & ReplaceText processors
Getting started with Apache NiFi
4 questions

Apache NiFi in depth :
NiFi templates
Process groups and Template exports
Theory: FlowFile topology: content and attributes
Practice: FlowFile topology: content and attributes
Using attributes with the Expression Language
Monitoring NiFi
Data Provenance and Event Search
Processor relationships
Apache NiFi in depth
3 questions

Annexes :
Annex 1: JSON File to MongoDB
Annex 2: Integration with Apache Kafka