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Intro To Ruby For Game Development

Video Introducing this tutorial

Beginner Ruby Programming Concepts :
Installing Ruby On Your Computer
Installing The Sublime Text Editor
Hello World
Comments and Errors
Math Operators
Math Order of Operations
Comparison Operators
Assignment Operators
Getting User Input With Gets
If Else Statements
Multiple Conditionals
String Manipulation

Intermediate Ruby Programming Concepts :
Multidimensional Arrays
While Loops
Until Loops
For Each Loops
Fizz Buzz!
Hash Manipulation
Methods Part 1
Methods Part 2
Random Numbers

Advanced Ruby Concepts :
Intro To Ruby Classes
Creating Classes
Class Getters
Class Setters
Adding More Methods to Our Class
Create a Draw Method in our Class
Class Inheritance

Ruby Game Programming With Gosu :
Intro To Gosu
Gosu: Create A Window
Gosu: Add A Background Image
Gosu: Player Class 1
Gosu: Player Class 2
Gosu: Player Class 3
Gosu: Star Class 1
Gosu: Star Class 2
Gosu: Score And Sound
Gosu: Finishing Up

Whack 'a Mole With Gosu :
Intro To Whack a Mole
Whack a Mole Setup
Whack a Mole - Draw the Mole
Whack a Mole - Move Our Mole
Whack a Mole - Make the Mole Blink
Whack a Mole - Draw Our Hammer
Whack a Mole - Button Clicking
Whack a Mole - Keeping Score
Whack a Mole - End The Game
Whack a Mole - Space Bar to Restart Game

Making Your Games Executable :
Make Your Game Executable With Ocra

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