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Internet of Things using Augmented Reality in Unity IoTAR

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Prerequisites for the Course - Bill of Materials
How to Take this Course

Lab_1 - Web Controlled LED :
Setup You Particle Photon and Blink LED over Web_YT

Lab_2 - Basic AR Cube App :
Installing Unity and Vuforia
Vuforia Update AR Camera Issue - IMPORTANT!
Simple Augmented Reality Cube to Test Vuforia SDK in Unity
Internet of Things Augmented Reality
1 question

Lab_3 - Linking Particle Photon to Unity SDK :
Linking Particle Photon to Unity

Lab_4 - AR Thirsty Plant Moisture Sensor :
Plant AR you Thirsty? - Water Level Sensor IoTAR - Visualizing Water Level
Thirsty Plant Part 2
Thirsty Plant Part 3

Lab_5 - Light Intensity :
Light controlled Campfire in Augmented Reality
Review Lecture

Lab_6 - 3D Distance- AR Measuring Tool :
Rul-AR Augmented reality Measuring Tool

Lab_7 - HeartRate Sensor AR Bloodflow :
Augmented Reality HeartRate

Lab_8 - Heat Sensor on Cup :
Lab_8 - Heat Sensor on Cup

Lab_9 - Measurement Force Scale :
Force Sensitive Resistor in Augmented Reality

Lab_10 - Alcohol Gas Sensor :
Alcohol Gas Sensor

Lab_11 - WeathAR - Augmented Reality Weather App :

Demonstation Showcase Videos (Non-Tutorial Videos) :
IoT AR Sensor Dashboard
Unreal Engine 4 Demonstation

Additional IoT Videos for Arduino :
Download and Install Arduino IDE
Setting up Arduino Yun and Yun Min Wifi Web Access

Conclusion and Bonus Section :
Bonus Lecture