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Internet of Things (Arduino,Php,Html,Mysql,IOT,iot)

Entry :
Which Will Use Hardwares
Which Will Use Programs
Which Will Concepts.
How to Download and Install of Easyphp
How to Download Arduino IDE
How to Install Arduino IDE

Second Chapter :
Interface prepare
Interface design with w3schools
Interface design continued
Database preparation
Update.php page preparation
Data.php page preparation
Test without login
Article of "press to open"
Login page preparation
Exit page preparation
Login page test

Security :
Sql intection

Arduino Programming :
Arduino mysql library
Query Result and Pin Control (the corrected)

Schema :

Prototype :
Prototype(the corrected)

How to insert,update,delete,select with arduino :
Database process
How to insert mysql data with arduino
How to update mysql data with arduino
How to select mysql data with arduino
How to delete mysql data with arduino
Write data from Dht11 sensor to mysql database
DHT11 with Arduino connection