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Install & Configure Your SMTP PowerMTA Server + IP Rotation

Video Introducing this tutorial

Getting Started :
Course Introduction
How to get the most our of this course?
Getting Support
Get Some tools
Get Domain
MUST READ! - Important Note For Beginners

Installing PowerMTA on AWS - Centos :
Section Introduction
Get a Centos Machine in AWS
Point Domain To The VPS Machine IP
Connect to our VPS - Allow root access
Install Vesta Control Panel
Important Note About Vesta
Install PowerMTA
Debugging Service start
Basic Configuration
Testing Send Message
IP rotation Overview
Adding another Network Adapter with IP
Note About Adding Network Adapters in AWS
Pointing Our Sub Domains
Configure IP rotation
Send Test Message using both IPS

Connect through Mailing applications :
Section Intro
Connect With Mailwizz
Connect with Mailster
Sendblaster & TurboMailer - Important!

Important Tips - Before You Send! :
Important Tips About Hosting Providers
SPF With Multiple IPs
Dkim Important Point + Test
Reverse DNS
Setting The MX Record
Testing Sender score
Warming up - Very Important
Monitor PowerMTA - Configure Security Groups
PowerMTA Domain Macro Note

Students Q&A :
Technical Email Marketing - Must Watch!
How to Extract Emails?
How to Validate Emails For Free?!
How to Configure Amazon SES?
How to setup Gmail with SendBlaster
How to Send 100k emails/day

Bonus :
Free Email marketing Courses and Lectures