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Informatica Power Center Administration

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Introduction & Overview
Getting Started/ ETL Overview

Power Center Architecture :
Informatica Power Center version 9.6 - New Features
4 pages
Informatica Domain Architecture
Informatica Nodes/Core Services/Gateway Nodes
Types of Nodes, Common Issues and Troubleshooting
Hand out for Section 2
13 pages

Installation and Configuraton :
Pre Installation Steps & System Pre-Requisites
Quick Tip: Product Availability Matrix - PAM
Download Software
Database Installation for MetaData Repository
Downloaded Files - Extraction Procedure
PowerCenter Server Installation
Power Center Client Installation

Administration Console :
Administration Console Introduction
List of Services
Domain Properties - Part 1
Domain Properties - Part 2
Node Properties
Setting up Repository Service
Repository Service Properties
Setting up Integration Service
Integration Service properties
Start and Stopping the services
Starting and Stopping of Services - IDQ

Informatica Security :
Informatica Security Part 1
Different Roles in a Project
Handout for LDAP Configuration
4 pages
Binding a Native User to a Relational Connection

IDQ Services :
IDQ DataSheet
4 pages
IDQ MRS (Model Repository Service) Creation
IDQ MRS (Model Repository Service) Properties
IDQ DIS (Data Integration Service) Creation and Properties 1
IDQ DIS (Data Integration Service) Properties 2
IDQ Analyst Service
IDQ Content Management Service

Web Services :
Web Services Creation and Properties
Web Services Try It Application

High Availability :
What is it?
Features & Configuration
Various Situations and Benefits
23 pages

Grids :
What is it?
Is this required for your environment?
Pre Requisites
01 Configuration Steps 1
02 Resource Configuration
03 IS Resource Configuration
04 Disabling Connection Resources
05 Load Balance Options
Service Levels
Dev Activities (WONG & SONG)
Dev Activities - High Availability and Recovery Stratergy
Frequently Asked Questions
3 pages
Additional Resources and How to Guides
20 pages

Operating System Profiles :
Operating System Profiles - Part 1
Operating System Profiles - Part 2
Additional Material
6 pages

License Management :
License Management
Types of License

Client Tools and Sample WorkFlow Creation :
Repository Configuration and Folder Creation
Basic File directory structures
Client Tools and Componenets
Repository Manager Activities
Transformations Overview
Usage of Debugger

Informatica PowerCenter Monitor & Repository Manager for Log Information :
Monitor Tool's functionality & Available Options
Session Log

Versioning :
Version Control
Purging older versions
Additional Information and Resources
5 pages

Migration/Deployment Strategies :
Static and Dynamic Deloyment Groups
Deploying via XML
Folder Copy from One Repository to Another Repository
Manual Object Copying
Additional Information and Resources
10 pages

Repository Metadata :
Repository Metadata Tables and Queries - Part 1
Repository Metadata Tables and Queries - Part 2
Hand Out with Commonly used Repository Queries
14 pages

Repository Maintenance :
What is Repository Maintenance?
How to Backup the Repository?
How to view the list of Repository Back Up files?
How to restore the repository from back Up files?
How to manage the versioned repository?
How to manage the folders using the Repository Manager?
Different aspects of Log Management
Performing the Database Stats

Version Upgrades :
Pre and Post Upgrade Templates

Informatica 10 :
Upgrade Planner for Informatica 10.0
Informatica 10: New Features
Informatica 10 -Installation Steps Part 1
Informatica 10 -Installation Steps Part 2
Informatica 10 - Administration Console Upgrades
Informatica 10 - Uninstall Steps - Windows based