Udemy Industry 4.0: Complete Guide

Video Introducing this tutorial

Industry :
Industry Part- 1
Industry Part-2
Industry Part-3
Industry Part-4
Industry Part-5
Industry Part-6

Levels of Analytics :
Levels of Analytics Part-1
Levels of Analytics Part-2
Levels of Analytics Part-3

Descriptive Analysis :
Descriptive Analysis Part- 1
Descriptive Analysis Part-2
Descriptive Analysis Part-3
Descriptive Analysis Part-4

Concept of Digital Technologies :
Concept of Digital Technologies Part-1
Concept of Digital Technologies Part-2

Sales Analytics :
Sales Analytics
ROI of Analytics
Challenges Part-1
Challenges Part-2

Pillars & Operation :
Pillars Part-1
Pillars Part-2
Pillars Part-3
Pillars Part-4
Tata Metaliks
Project Management

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