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Improve Your Game Design With Better Gameplay

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Project Overview
Project Files

Gameplay Basics :
Better Animations
The Importance of Sound Effects
Better Shooting
Balancing Fun & Challenge

Improving Guns :
Bullet Size, Speed & Fire Rate
Muzzle Flash
Impact Effects
Bullet Spray & Less Accuracy

Impacting Enemies :
Flashing Sprites
Knocking Back Enemies
Keeping Dead Bodies
Changing to Damaged Sprites
Explode Enemy Into Pieces

Bringing the Camera To Life :
Moving The Camera Smoothly
Moving Ahead Of The Player
Adding Screenshake

Playing with The Player :
Knockback + Sprite Flash
Making Player Death Interesting
Slowing Time On Death
Strafing While Shooting

Sounding Good :
How Music Changes The Game
Manipulating Sound Effects

Turning Everything Up To 11 :
Pushing Our Variables To Add Fun
Better Explosions

Reviewing Progress & Next Project :
Comparing Final Project To The Beginning
Next Project Challenge

Resource - Completed Project Files :
Completed Project Files