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Import CSV File to MySQL

Video Introducing this tutorial

Upload File To Server :
Connect Dreamweaver with WAMP
Create MySQL database
Manipulate CSV File
Insert Array to MySQL Table
HTML Form Handling
Increase upload file size
File Size Formate
Limit Uploaded File Size
Max File Size control
Max File Size control
Assignment (1)
10 questions

Upload Only CSV :
PHP Project : Add Error Flag
Upload CSV Files Only - Filter

Style Main.php :
Import your uploaded CSV File to MySQL

Splite Table Data in to Pages :
Page Style
Show MySQL Database -> Table -> data
MySQLi Fetch Array
Remove Error
Echo Table Data
Split output into pages
Fix Page Links
Show Next and Last Links
Current Page and Hover effect
Fix Page numbers (with big tables)

Show Folder Contains :
Show Folder Contains Windows Explorer format
Assignment 2
18 questions