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Identity and Access Management over the Cloud with OKTA

2. IdaaS Introduction
3. Benifits for IDaaS
4. What IDaaS Offers
5. How IDaaS Works
1. Managing Profile and Adding Custom Attributes
2. Map Profile Attributes
1. How to Create Password Policy
1. Integrate a Custom SWA Application
1. Configure the App Approval Workflow
1. What is Okta
2. OKTA Account Creation
3. Okta Account Setting Steps
1. Theory On Users Creation
2. Adding People via the Portal
3. Adding People Via CSV File
1. Various Admin Account Introduction in OKTA
2. How to Assign Admin Permissions to an User in OKTA (LAB)
1. Downloading the latest Virtual Box(Direct link also available)
2. Downloading windows Server (direct link also available)
3. VBOX Installation
4. Windows Server Installation
5. Install & Configure Active Directory
1. Okta integration
2. About Okta agent
1. Installation of the Okta Active Directory (AD) Agent
2. Configure Import ,Account and Provisioning settings
d1. Manually Importing Users from AD Part 1
d2. Manually Importing Users from AD Part 2
1. What is Role and Rule Membership in OKTA
2. Creating Rule Membership