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Udemy Identity & Access Management – Azure Active Directory – 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What is Identity and access Managment - High level
AAD Features and Benefits
Azure AD Vs On Premise Active Directory
Understanding Azure Active Directory - Lab Activity
Managing Azure AD with Powershell - Lab Activity
All About Azure AD Groups - Lab Activity
Managing Azure AD Groups with Powershell - Lab Activity
What is Multi Factor Authentication
Azure Multi Factor Authentication - Lab Activity
Authentication methods
Types of Azure AD Users
Self Service Options in Azure AD
Azure AD Editions
Azure AD Domain Join
Azure AD Connect
Azure AD connect Health
Azure AD B2B
Azure AD B2C
Monitoring azure AD
Azure Enterprise Applications
Authentication and Authorization - Introduction
Authentication Authorization and Protocols
Azure AD Authentication Options
Identity Delegation
API Management and API Keys
Single Sign On
Configuring SSO - LAB
Managed Identities
Azure key vault
OpenID Oauth2 Lab
Identity Security and risk Management
Azure AD identity protecton
Conditional access
Azure AD PIM
Azure AD Password Protection
Azure AD Licensing
Monitoring for Identity and Security - Intro
Monitoring azure AD
Monitoring in PIM and Azure and identity protection
Azure AD connect Health