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HubSpot Inbound Certification Course

1 Introduction to Inbound Certification
2 What is inbound
3 What is the inbound methodology
4 What are the fundamentals to an inbound business
5 What is a flywheel
6 Combining Funnels and Flywheels
7 What are the inbound principles
8 The inbound methodology and principles
9 The importance of defining your companys purpose
10 Identifying your companys purpose
11 Why do you need to set business goals
12 How to set a goal that aligns with your companys purpose
13 How to prioritize short-term and long-term business goals
14 How HubSpot aligns its teams behind its goals
15 Why are buyer personas an important part of your inbound strategy
16 How to create a buyer persona
17 What is the buyers journey
18 How to create a buyers journey