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HP QTP/UFT with VBscript – Basic to Advance

VbScript Basic to Advance with InterView Questions :
Fundamentals of Vb Script
Vb Script Inbuilt Functions part1
Vb Script Inbuilt Functions part2
VbScript programs
If else Statement
For Loop
Select Case
While Wend

HP UFT Introduction :
HP UFT Installation
HP UFT - User Interface walkthrough
HP UFT - Sample Application Walkthrough
HP UFT - SystemUtil and InvokeApp Commands
HP UFT - Object Classification
HP UFT - Record and run settings
HP UFT - First Record and Play
HP UFT - Object Spy
HP UFT - object identification Issues and solutions

Object Repository :
HP UFT - Object Repository Basics
Object Definition And Classification
Hp UFT Local Object Repository
Hp UFT Shared Object Repository
HP UFT - Object Identification Process
HP UFT Ordinal Identifiers

Actions :
Call to NEW Action
Call to Existing Action
Call to Copy of Action

Function Library :
Function Library Basics
Function Library Implementation

Data Tables :
Introduction to Datatables
Reading and writing data to Datatable
Datatable Run time settings
Runtime and designtime datatable
Importing and exporting data to excel from datatable

Parametrization :
Parametrization using varables
Parametrization using Datatables
Parametrization using Excel and Datatable

Recording Modes :
Types of recording modes
Normal or default recording mode
Low Level Recording
Analog Recording
InSight Recording