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How to VLOG: Complete Beginner’s Course

Getting Started :
What Should You Vlog About?
My Vlogging Philosophy
A Short Summary
Stop Copying Other Vloggers
Don't Do It For The Money
My 3-year Vlogging Journey
Stop Focusing on Subscriber Numbers & View Counts
Results Don't Come Instantly (Real Examples)
Daily Vlogging

Shooting the Vlog :
Basic Vlogging Equipment
Summary of Vlogging Equipment
Focus on Storytelling
Making Eye Contact with the Lens

Post Production & Distribution :
Basic Editing Software
Summary of Editing Software
Where To Get Background Music
Sources for Royalty-Free Music for Vlogs
Make Engaging Vlogs (Using B Roll)
Don't Focus on Analytics for First 6-12 Months
Create Awesome YouTube Thumbnails (with ZERO experience!)

Vlogging on Amazon Prime :
Introduction to Vlogging on Amazon Prime
Reach 100+ Million Prime Subscribers
How to Upload to Prime (Part 1 of 2)
How to Upload to Prime (Part 2 of 2)
How to Create Captions for Prime Videos
How to Avoid Content Policy Rejections on Prime
How to Meet Key Art Requirements
Video Requirements for Prime (using Premiere Pro)
How to Unpublish Videos from Prime
How to Modify Prime Publications
Prime Subscriber Membership Breakdown

Facing Your Vlogging Fears :
Family & Friends Judging Your Vlogs
Vlogging In Public

Additional Resources, Reviews, Insights :
My Example YouTube Vlogs
How I Use Soundstripe to Pick the Perfect Background Music
Copyright-Free Awesome Vlogging Music
My YouTube Earnings Revealed (May 2019)
It's Time To Start Your Own Vlog
Bonus: Where To From Now?