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How to Use MailChimp Email Marketing Software – Hands on!

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to How to Use MailChimp Email Marketing Software! :

Getting Started :
What You Will Learn
Why MailChimp? We'll Tell You Why!

Setting up MailChimp :
How to Setup Your Free MailChimp Account
Free or Paid - It's up to your Needs

Setup and Manage Your MailChimp Email List :
Creating Your First Email List
Importing a List: text or Excel (CSV) and How to Add New Subscribers
How to Edit User Settings for Your List
Facts on Creating a List
List Management

How to Create Email Forms :
Create Your First Email Form
How to Design a Form
Form Options
How to Promote Your Email Form
How to Embed a Form on Your Website
How to Use MailChimp's New PopUp Email Subscribe Form
How to Translate a Form -- With Ease!

Design Emails with MailChimp Campaign Builder :
How to Create an Email Template - Setup
Find a Template to Fit Your Needs - Part One
Find a Template to Fit Your Needs - Part Two
Preview and Test Your Email
Send Your First Email Campaign
How to Duplicate a Campaign
How to Create Segments with your List

Tracking Your Email Results :
How to Track Your Email Results with Reports
A/B Testing with MailChimp

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