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Udemy How to Start a Career in Data Science 2020

Video Introducing this tutorial

Course Introduction :
What does the course cover?
The data science knowledge you need
Types of roles in data science
The interview process structure
What interviewers look for
How to get the most out of the course

The data science project portfolio :
Portfolio overview
What is a data science project?
The projects you should do
How to differentiate your projects
Asking a favor
Where to showcase your projects
Projects on Github
Projects on Kaggle
Bonus content: Portfolio website

The data science resume :
Resume overview
How to structure your resume
How to write about work and projects
Customize your resume
Your virtual resume
Resume checklist
Data science cover letters
Bonus content: LinkedIn

Getting a data science interview :
Interviewing overview
How candidates are selected
Networking for data scientists
Leveraging your resources
Informational interviews
Reaching out to recruiters

The data science phone interview :
Phone interview overview
What to expect
How to prepare
How to succeed

The take-home test :
The types of take-home tests
Dealing with data sets
Coding quizzes
Written test

The in-person data science interview :
What to expect
Ace the behavioral interview
Technical interviews
Following up
The briefcase method

Bonus content: Interviews with successful data scientists :
Anna interview
Jaemin Interview
Jay interview
Jefferson interview
Sheng interview
Mock interview with Rachel Castellino
Elevator pitch
Star storytelling technique

Bonus downloadable materials :
Resume and cover letter templates and checklist
Reach out templates
Interview questions