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How to set up a Web Server From Scratch to One Fully Managed

Video Introducing this tutorial

Setup a VPS :
Getting a Digital Ocean Account
Getting a Freenom Account
Creating your First VPS

Install Vesta CP :
SSH using Windows
SSH using MAC or LINUX
Installing VestaCP Part - 1
Installing VestaCP Part - 2
Domain Name Setup and Minor Configuration :
VestaCP Minor Configurations
Domain Name Setup

All about SSL :
SSL on Domain Name
SSL on Login Panel
Mail Server Fix
Forcing HTTPS

Everything Else :
Using Mail
Database and FTP
File Manager
VestaCP Orientation
Vesta Auto Installer

Get into the Business :
Creating Custom Package
Assigning Custom Package
A View of Customer

Other Things :
Emails to Spam Quick Fix
Presenting Vultr
Free File Manager

Student Request :
Auto Backup to Google Drive
Upgrading to PHP 7

Bonus :
Bonus Lecture : Learn to Create Amazing Websites

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