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How to play Saxophone – The SaxCasts Method – Fundamentals

Stage 2 - Moving On :
Introducing Vibrato
Experimenting with volume - Dynamics
New Notes: C, D and the Octave Key
Level 2 Rhythms
Introduction to Articulation
Articulation (Revisited) Level 2 Rhythm Challenges
Sound Development - Long Tones
Introduction to Key Signatures and Accidentals
G Major Scale + New Note (F#)
F major and the note Bb
The Lead in, Anacrusis, Pick Up...Up beat...
Lead In - Practising getting in there
The Minor Scale - D minor (Harmonic Form)
Developing A Practice Routine

Stage 3 - Pushing Forward :
Accents and Tenutos
Note and Value Pit-stop
The Note C and C Major Over Two Octaves
Rhythm 3 -Triplets, Dots and Ties
Piano for Sax players - Understanding Sharps and Flats
Regress to Progress - Speed Building
Pattern Building in C, G F and D minor
D Major over 2 Octaves and Palm Key D
Getting Chromatic - Chromatic Scale on G
Chromatic Drills
Knowledge Intermission

Stage 4 - Now yer' gettin' it! :
Knowing your Sharp Majors
Dealing with Syncopation
Introducing Intervals
Extending to a 12th
Little + Ring Finger Gym (Level 1)
Enhancing your Vibrato
Introduction to Chords and Symbols
Dominant Seventh Chords (In the keys of C, G and F)
The Note Bend / Lip Slur / Scoop
The Scale of A major over a 12th - New Note
Mixing the Major and Chromatic Scales