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How to Outsource Content Writing Online for Your SiteBlog

1 My Favorite Places to Hire Writers Online
2 Who This Course is For
3 Meet Your Instructor and Basics of Hiring Content Writers
4 Why it Matters to Hire Writers Properly
5 Most Common Mistakes Made Hiring Writers
6 Most Common Types of Content Needed by Businesses
7 Why Do So Many People Struggle to Hire the Right Writers
8 What to Look For When Hiring a Writer Part One
9 What to Look for When Hiring a Writer Part Two
10 Handling the Invoicing Process for Large Teams of Writers
11 Apps to Help You Manage Teams of Writers
12 My Favorite Systems to Manage Writers
13 What You Should Know About Freelance Writers
14 How to Evaluate Writing Samples
15 Terms to Consider with Freelance Writers Part 1
16 Terms to Consider with Freelance Writers Part 2
17 How to Use Test Jobs to Find the Right Writers
18 How to Make Outsourcing to a Team of Writers Easier
19 Managing a Team of Writers with Email
20 Why You Have to Be Easy to Work With
21 Are Hired Writers Flaky
22 How to Terminate Writers