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How to Launch and Monetize a Blog Using WordPress

Video Introducing this tutorial

Setting Up New Blog :
How is the word "Blog" defined by Wikipedia?
Primary Steps For Setting Up a Blog
1 page
What Students Will Learn in This Course- Course Objectives
2 pages
Join Our Community To Learn How To Make Money Online
1 page
Recommended Hosting Companies
2 pages
Join Facebook Group With Other Students In This Course.
How To Login Wordpress First Time On New Domain
Domain Registration Tips
1 page
How To Setup New Domain After Purchasing
Join Our Community and Enjoy The Fun
1 page
Best Hosting Sites We Recommend For Wordpress -Links Provided Here
1 page
How to install Wordpress in CPanel [Option 1]
How To Install Domain in Cpanel [Option 2]
Genesis Framework Setup
Walk Through of Wordpress Editors Features

How To Setup Wordpress Site on URL :
How To Buy Domain and Install Wordpress On it
How To install Wordpress On Domain
Adding The Domain To Hosting

Wordpress Features and Options :
Wordpress Dashboard Walk Through
Understanding The Wordpress Dashboard
Walkthrough of The Wordpress Setting
Understanding Wordpress Plugins and Different Categories
How To Add Additional Users and Assign Proper Roles
How To Create A New Post in Wordpress
How To Embed A Video In Wordpress Post or Page
StudioPress Affiliate Link for Genesis Framework & Theme
1 page
Understanding The Different Features in The Wordpress Editor
How To Add and image gallery in Wordpress
How To Use Categories in Wordpress For Menu Items or NavBar
Setting Up Blog Correctly From Beginning
Add Youtube Channel To Blog For Additional Revenue
How To Add Sitemap in Wordpress
How To Add a Contact Page in Wordpress and Add it To NavBar
How To Setup Site Menu or NavBar
How To Submit Site To Search Engines Google, Bing, and Yahoo
Best Wordpress Plugins For New Blogs
How To Change or Update The User Profile in Wordpress
How To Choose Correct Permalinks
How To Outsource

Choose Hosting Provider :
Top Platforms For Blogging and Why I Prefer Self Hosted Wordpress Blog
How To Get Traffic On Your Blog

Different Ways To Monetize Blog :
Different Methods To Monetize Blogs
1 page
How To Add Advertisement in Sidebar Widget Area
Top Ways to Start Earning Revenue On Your Site
Tips for Monetizing Your Blog
Different Advertising Methods For Your Blog
Importance of Google Webmaster Account and Tips

How To SEO Optimize Your Blog :
How To Properly Setup The Yoast Wordpress Plugin To Be SEO Optimized
How To Optimize Post Titles, Meta Descriptions, and More
Whats the difference betweenBlog Post vs Pages
How To Setup Google Adsense Account and Use in Blog
How do Categories Work In Blogging

BONUS: Affiliate Programs :
How To Use Amazon Associates Program on Blog as Affiliates
Top Affiliate Programs for New Bloggers
Affiliate Programs For Beginning Bloggers
Google Adsense Alternatives and How To Add Them To Blog
How To Use Google Adwords For SEO Content Writing
How To Setup a Google Adsense Account and Use it on The Blog

BONUS: Affiliate Marketing Part 2 :
How To Use Affiliate Marketing Tools
How to add Amazon Associates Affiliate links in Wordpress Post
Best Affiliates Programs for Youtube or Blogs Recommendations List
1 page
Five Ways To Monetize New Blogs

Add Video To Your Post for More Revenue :
iPhonecaptain Additional Revenue
Become a Youtube Partner Today
1 page
Importance of a Schedule
Using GiveAways To Gain Traffic & Social Media Following
Join Our Facebook Group and Other Social Networks
1 page

Wordpress Page Speed Ebook :
How To Increase Site PageSpeed
14 pages

How To Add Extra Features To Site :
How To Add FORUM To Wordpress Site Using phpBB
How To Add Social Media Share Buttons To Wordpress Site
How To Add Google Maps To Wordpress Site
How To Change or Add a Favicon in Wordpress With Genesis Framework
How To Customize The Layout Using Genesis Extra Layout Plugin
How To Use Developer Tool Called FireBug For Customization

Closing :
Course Wrap Up
Half Price Course Links
1 page
Wordpress Resources
1 page
Quiz Testing for Understanding
5 questions

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