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How to Hack ( Secure) a Web Application – Security Practices

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
What you need to know
Client-server communication concept
Opposing Goals
Get vs POST request
Cookie vs Session
Dummy Website to apply Attack
Course material

1- Gathering Information on the Target :
HTML Attack
HTML Attack solution

2- Bypass Restriction and validation of input :
ByPass Restriction of input
ByPass Restriction of input solution

3- Query String Attack :
Query String Attack
Query String Solution

4- Cookies Attack :
Cookies Attack
Cookies Attack Solution

5- Hidden Field Attack :
Hidden Field
Hidden Field Solution

6- URL Jumping Attack :
URL Jumping Attack and Soltuion
URL Jumping Solution

7- Session Hijacking :
Session Hijacking
Session Hijacking Solution

8- CSRF attack :
CSRF attack
CSRF attack fixing
Avoid CSRF attack in Ajax Request

9- XSS Attack :
XSS Attack
Black-list vs While-list
XSS Attack Solution

10- SQL Injection :
SQL Injection
SQL Injection Solution

11- Directory Traversal :
Directory Traversal
Directory Traversal Solution

12- Denial Of service :
Denial Of service

13- FingerPrinting Of the server :
FingerPrinting Of the server