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How to Give Performance Feedback Honestly and Effectively

Video Introducing this tutorial

A quick hello :

Understanding Feedback :
Defining feedback
Is feedback positive or negative?
Feedback online
Activity: Setting yourself up for learning

Approaches to Feedback :
Key Feedback Approaches
Activity: What's Your Approach?

The Feedback Scale :
The Feedback Scale - the key driver of quality feedback

The different feedback dimensions :
High quality feedback is more than a suggestion
Activity: Feedback Reflection
Be the storyteller, not the judge
It's not always better together
Sooner rather than later
Sharing your opinion
Everybody likes strokes don't they?
Taking Ownership
Which response are you triggering?

The Feedback Analyzer :
Activity: The Feedback Analyzer

Feedback Frameworks :
When you....

Beware mixed messages :
Watch out for mixed messages

Improve the quality of feedback your receive :
Simply ask the right questions

Practice, Practice, Practice :
Practice Scenarios Intro
Activity: Practice Scenario 1
Activity: Practice Scenario 2
Activity: Practice Scenario 3
Activity: Practice Scenario 4
Activity: Practice Scenario 5

Putting your learning into practice :
The end question
Let's get real
Activity: That's great ....... So what?

And finally :
My feedback to you.
Bonus Lecture