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How to Get Your First 1,000 Customers: The Complete Guide

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :
Course overview
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The basics :
Intro to traction channels
The 19 channels explained (part 1)
The 19 channels explained (part 2)
The growth process
Two components of every growth strategy
Section 2: Review & Recap

Building your strategy :
Intro to building your strategy
What pain do you solve?
Frequency & depth of the problem
Optimization audit
Optimization audit: DEMO
Section 3: Review & Recap

Get your first 10 :
Intro to manual effort section
Intro to Strategy 1: Complainy people
Finding the complainy people
DEMO Finding the complainy people
Conversing with the complainy people
Intro to Twitter & why we use it
Topicality on Twitter
Competitors on Twitter
Locating forums & like-minded communities
Messaging on forums
Spreading the word on Slack
The wonderful world of Reddit
Facebook & LinkedIn sharing
Using your network to announce your new business
DEMO Writing an email to your network
Events & meetups
Section 4: Review & Recap

Get your first 100 :
Intro to community posting
Reddit overview
Raising your Reddit IQ
Finding your subs
Observing from a distance
Optimize your experience
Emerging platforms: How to tell which platform is worth trying
Intro to Snapchat
Snapchat: Setting up your account
Snapchat: Taking snaps and promoting
Snapchat Tactic #1: The Takeover
Snapchat Tactic #2: Run a promotion
Snapchat Tactic #3: Using your Snapcode
Intro to Instagram
Instagram: Setting up your account
Instagram: Taking and posting pictures
Instagram Tactic #1: Hashtag the right way
Instagram Tactic #2: Run a promotion
Instagram Tactic #3: Engage with others

Take a break :
Intro to Take a break
Survey of analytics tools
Installing Google Analytics
Exploring Google Analytics
Setting up goals in Google Analytics
Origin source sorting in Google Analytics
Linking strategies with
Alternate linking strategies

Get your first 500 - PR :
Intro to PR
A day in the life of a reporter
Common angles for getting press
Basing your angle off outlet and person
Pitching vs. press releases
Core concepts in getting press
Step 1: Finding journalists
Tip: Use
Step 2: Researching and compiling interests of journalists
Step 3: Getting the attention of journalists
Tactic: Quora pull-in
Tactic: Doing research & polling for journalists
Step 4: Pitching and writing the email (part 1)
Step 4: Pitching and writing the email (part 2)
Practice writing emails and headlines
Preparing a press package
Closing thoughts & comments

Get your first 500 - Content Marketing :
Intro to content strategy
Inbound vs. outbound
Why should we define our audience?
How do we define our audience?
Creating user personas
Content types 1: Tutorials, interviews, roundups
Content types 2: Listicles, resource compilations
Content types 3: Company stories, case studies, infographics
Content types 4: Minisites, ultimate guides
Common topics you can use (part 1)
Common topics you can use (part 2)
The key to content creation
Creating a system for recording your ideas
What to write: #1 Google autocomplete
What to write: #2 Buzzsumo
What to write: #3 Google keyword planner
What to write: #4 Twitter trends
What to write: #5 Reddit searching
What to write: #6 Quora
Ranking the ideas you have
Test it before you try it
Writing for specific goals: Intro
Writing for specific goals: Brand
Writing for specific goals: Engagement / sharing
Writing for specific goals: Conversions
Tactic #1: Long form content
Tactic #1: Long form content (Demo)
Tactic #2: Controversial posts
Tactic #3: Hyper-topical posts (part 1)
Tactic #3: Hyper-topical posts (part 2)
Tactic #4: Roundup posts
Tactic #5: Skyscraper technique
Writing content for your audience
Creating great headlines
What is guest posting?
Finding places to guest post
Pitching your post
Writing your post and what to do after
How to promote your content - Intro
Getting influencers to promote your content
How to get your content linked to from other websites
Creating a content calendar
How to tell if it's working

Get your first 500 - Video Marketing :
Intro to video marketing
Do you need video?
Common types of videos
Using video to reach specific goals
The 3 phases of video projects

Get your 500 - Video Marketing - Pre-production :
Coming up with ideas for video content
Writing your video script
When a video is most effective in your marketing process

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