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How To Find The Best Suppliers & Products Using

Start Here! :
Welcome & Introduction to the Course
Introduction and Getting Started with Website Tour & Navigation
Additional Course Resources
Assignment: Get Set Up & Introduce Yourself

Introduction To Importing With :
The Import Process Terminology
Alibaba Product Listing Overview
Find Anything On Alibaba In 10 Seconds!

How To Find The Best Suppliers For Your Business :
Get Prepared, Get Results
What Makes a Great Supplier Listing on
Have All The Suppliers Come To You With Request For Quotation!
RFQ Form Overview - It's All In The Detail
Contacting Suppliers Individually - Best Practices and What To Say
How to Find Great Suppliers on a Budget in September

Early Communication With Suppliers & The Samples Process :
Section Introduction: Importance of not committing and constantly monitoring
Introduction to Samples
Ordering Your Initial Samples
The Supplier Shortlist & Sample Logbook
Evaluating Your Samples

Working With Suppliers on Branding & Packaging :
Section Introduction: Knowing what to brand and when.
Start With Soft Branding
The Beginners Guide to Creating Product Inserts
Use Your Suppliers For Freebies
Soft Branding Conclusion
The Beginners Guide to Logo Creation
The Beginners Guide To Product Packaging
Using Your Suppliers With Branding and Packaging
Colors And The Pantone Color Chart

Supplier Communication & Negotiation :
Introduction to Supplier Communication
Using to Communicate With Suppliers
Starting Supplier Negotiation 101
The Seven Deadly Sins of Negotiation

Making Product Orders & Payment :
Introduction to Orders & Payment
How To Use Trade Assurance & Why

Shipping, Logistics and Best Practices :
Introduction Shipping, Logistics and Best Practices
Commonly Used Shipping Terms
Shipping Options & Which Is Best For You?

Course Conclusion :
Course Conclusion