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How to create your own software company

Why A Software Company? :
Why a software company
What can you offer as a software company?
Software products
Software services
Other products and services
The Reseller Model
How should your company be?

The organization :
The freelancer model
The company model
The partnership model

The communication :
Business Communication
Internal communication
Communication with your customers
Communication with your partners
Mastermind groups

The Roadmap :
The product roadmap
The goals of a Roadmap
Examples of Roadmap
Types of Roadmaps
Example of Real Applications

Create your product or service :
Get new ideas
Pricing defintions
Special offers
The product development process
The production process
The launch
The maintenance phase

Legal aspects :
Legal information
Legal Agreements when selling digital products and services
Software Licenses
Where to find royalty free images
Where to find royalty free videos
Where to find royalty free music

Promote your business :
The Road to Success
The Marketing Process
Online market places
The Open Source Model
Use the social media to promote your products and services

Must Have Tools and Services :
Metrics Tools
Technologies Must Have
Organizational and Laverage Tools
Tools for Email Marketing, Customer Communication and CRM
Important Tools and Services
Social Media Tools
Tools to establish your online presence
Customer Support Tools

Bonuses :
Examples of profitable software projects based on open source
The Most Profitable Niche for a Software Company

Conclusions :
Next steps?
Verify your understanding in this section