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How To Create An Online Course That Sells

Fundamentals :
Meet & Greet
How This Course Is Structured
How To Make A Great Course
Quizz For Section 1
4 questions

How To Build A Course From Scratch :
Introduction To Section II
How To Study Your Competition
Pretend You Are Preparing For Finals
How To Evaluate Your Competitors’ Courses To Make A Better Product
How To Create A Course Outline
My Course Creation Toolbox
Quizz For Section 2
4 questions

Five Hacks To Make An Outstanding Course :
Introduction To Section III
Hack #1 - How To Be More Productive
Hack #2 - How To Script Your Videos
Hack #3 - Why You Should Put On A Smile While Recording Your Course
Hack #4 - How To Brainstorm Your Course Outline
Hack #5 - Grab Our Internal Course Checklist
BONUS - Course Checklist Template
Quizz For Section 3
4 questions