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How to Create an Ecommerce Store Website / Prestashop

Video Introducing this tutorial

How to create a website e-commerce store! :

Hosting and domain :
Getting hosting and a domain

Creating your webshop :
How to install Filezilla?
How to configure your ftp client?
Download the theme
How to install Prestashop and your theme?
How to login to your Dashboard?
How to change the slider images?
How to setup your logo

How to use the Prestashop Dashboard? :
How to setup menus?
Setting products
How to add sizes?
Adding Jackets
How to edit your homepage products?
Adding shoes
How to add Dropdown menus?
How to Manage your customers

Setting up Payment Settings :
Enable guest checkout
How to add paypal to prestashop
How to configure paypal to receive payments
Getting paid Manage API settings
Thanks for following my course!

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