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How To Create a WordPress Membership Site With ZippyCourses

Video Introducing this tutorial

Intro To The Course :
What To Expect In This Course
Why Wordpress for building membership sites?
If you are not familiar with Wordpress

What Is ZippyCourses? :
What Is ZippyCourses?
Differences Between ZippyCourses Versions
The biggest benefit of using ZippyCourses
Wordpress Hosting
Other Platforms Worth Exploring

An Example Membership Site & Branding :
My Boot Camp Course Made with ZippyCourses
Branding Your Site For Future Products

Creating Content For Your Course & Setting It All Up :
Official Documentation
Adding Lessons and Working with the Plugin
Viewing a Course From a Student Perspective
Using the landing page builder with ZippyCourses
Email Settings and Email List Setup
Creating a 'Welcome' Page
Comparing Video Hosting Options
Adding Audio To Your Course In "Video" Form
Adding Documents To Your Lessons
Adding a high quality sales page with Thrive Themes
Working with Price Options

Building a mini-course for gauging interest :
Why build a mini course?
List Building With Your Mini Courses

Ideas For Marketing Your Course :
Joint Ventures for Marketing Your Course
Finding Affiliates
Forum Marketing

Running Into Any Coding Issues? :
My Resource For Quick Help With Coding Problems

Conclusion :
Final Words
Bonus: My Success With Freelancing on UpWork