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How To Create A Website From Scratch With No Coding

Video Introducing this tutorial

Revving Up To Fire On All Cylinders - The Starting Line :
Anatomy of a Website Part 1
Anatomy of a Website Part 2
About Domain Names
Where You are Going To Create Your Amazing Website Online
Getting Comfortable With Your Newly Created Free Online Account
Choosing a Paid or Free Account - The Advantages of Both. What's Your Goal?
The Initial Setup of Your New Website
The Dashboard - Where It All Happens

Building The Basics :
How To Add Pages To Your Website
Headers Part 1 and How To Publish Your Site To Review As You Go
Headers Part 2 and How To Change The Theme After You've Started
Adding A Logo To Your Website
Adding A Title Headline To A Page
Adding An Image
Adding Text and Rearranging Your Elements Around the Page
Adding and Adjusting Columns To Make Your Site Pleasing and Easy To Absorb

Advanced Features :
Adding An Image Gallery
Adding A Slide Show
Adding Audio
Adding A Downloadable File
Adding A YouTube Video To Your Website
Adding a Text Link
Important Recap of Resizing Columns and Making Your Website Pleasing
Deleting Pages You No Longer Want or Need
Adding A 'Contact Us' Form To Your Website
Customizing The Footer
Building A Blog Part 1
Building A Blog Part 2 - Adding A Post And Publishing It
Building A Blog Part 3 - Adding Author Information
Building A Blog Part 4 - Advanced Features
Buying A Domain Name For Your Website
Forwarding Your Domain Name To Your Website

Extras For You as a Website Builder :
Free Images To Use On Your Website And Other Projects

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