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How to Build a Pokemon Go Guide App + Install Ads (Admob)

Video Introducing this tutorial

Introduction :

Coding Vs. Non-Coding (Using Software) :
Coding Vs. Non-Coding (Using Software) - Sign Up for Free

Pokemon Go Guide + Tips. Where to find them? :
Best Websites to Get Tricks, Tips and Cheats for Guide

Building the App (in less than 1 hour) :
1. Choose Blank Template and App Settings
2. Setting Up the Homepage & Menu Guide
3. Creating Pages for each Strategy Tip, Trick and Cheat
4. Linking Pages to the Homepage Menu
5. App Icon - Where to get an Icon and How to Install
6. Publishing Our App with
7. Duplicating Android App to iPhone (1-click)
Important! - Copyright and Trademark Infringement Update

Installing App onto Google Play + iTunes :
Install App onto Google Play Store
Install App onto iTunes (Apple App Store)

Setup Admob (Google) Advertising into Apps :
Sign Up for Admob (free), Create Ad Codes and Install into our Apps
Admob Update - Important Terms for Interstitial Ads

Send Push Notifications :
Send Push Notifications in Seconds to Android + Apple Devices
Create APN Certificate for Apple Push Notifications

BONUS - How to Get 1Million Downloads :
App Store Optimization + Marketing Strategy