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How to Ace Your Work Performance Review

Video Introducing this tutorial

Welcome to the Course! :
Welcome to the course!

What is a Performance Appraisal? :
The basics of the performance review
Methods of collecting performance data
Data Collection
3 questions

In the chair: How to prepare for a performance review :
How to prepare for the performance review
Pros and Cons
How to ask for a salary increase and promotion
Demo: Conduct a SWOT Analysis
Responding to your review

From the manager's desk: How to give a performance review :
The basic principles of an effective performance review
Demo: Useful performance review phrases
Feedback Model
Demo: Conduct a skills audit
Demo: Employee review sheet

Conflict Resolution :
Conflict Resolution Model
Integration Model

Leading Across Lines Of Difference :
The importance of multicultural leadership
Socio-economic status
Race & ethnicity
Sexual orientation

Bonus section: More classes from Warren :
More courses from Warren
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