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Hibernate Fundamentals: Hands-On Primer With Java EE & JPA

Introduction :
Course Introduction & Agenda

Preparation for Hibernate Environment :
What is Hibernate And Why Do We Need It?
Installing MySQL Tools In Eclipse
Installing Hibernate JBoss Tools
Creating MySQL Connection Within Eclipse

Hibernate Fundamentals :
What is Java Persistence (JPA)?
What is Hibernate Service Registry?

Developing Java Applications With Hibernate :
Creating New Java Project With Hibernate
Adding Hibernate JAR Files
Creating The Persistence Java Class
Creating the Hibernate Mapping XML File
Creating the Hibernate Configuration XML File
Creating Java Class To Store and Retrieve Persistent Object
Testing the Final File
Additional Testing By Adding Objects
Automatically Assigning Primary Keys Using Hibernate

Bonus Lectures & Conclusion :
Downloading Eclipse Java EE Editor
Downloading XAMPP
Configuring XAMPP Server
What is Docker?
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